IIT (BHU) supremacy in the Shell Eco-Marathon India 2019 held in Bangalore

–          The battery-electric prototype car made by students of IIT (BHU), Varanasi achieves an efficiency of 387.9 kilometre/kilowatt-hour (km/kWh).

–          The Student team won 5.5 lakh of rupees in two categories.

–          Team Averera will represent India in Shell Eco-Marathon, Asia 2020, held in Malaysia

Varanasi. Team Averera, a team of students from IIT (BHU), created history by winning two awards at Shell Eco-Marathon (India) – 2019 that was organized at the Shell Technology Center, Bangalore, from 19 to 23 November. Now this team will represent India in the competition to be held at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia in June 2020. On Monday, the Director of the Institute, Professor Pramod Kumar Jain met with Team Averera and presented the check of five and a half Lac received from the Shell Eco-Marathon competition and also assured to make the resources available required for the competition to be held in June 2020.

Shell Eco-marathon is a competition that challenges students to build and test hyper fuel-efficient vehicles and the team with maximum efficiency is declared the winner. The battery-electric prototype vehicle made by the team was ranked first with an efficiency of 387.9 km/kWh. The team was awarded a cash prize of INR 3,00,000.

The team also won the off-track award – The Technical Innovation Award. This award was given to the team for their extraordinary innovation in the vehicle to maximise the efficiency and awarded INR 2,50,000.

The team comprised of Somesh, Sunil Jaiswal from fifth year and Himanshu Sahu, Saurabh Patel, Rayala Kartheek, Abhyuday Verma, Hriddhi Ghosh from the fourth year, Tanmay Goyal, Snehal, Shashank Kumar, Rishabh Singh, Abhay Agrawal, Shubham Yadav from the third year and a few members from the second year. The team said that for the competition to be held in June 2020, it is now going to manufacture an ‘Urban Concept Vehicle’ which will be powered by the hydrogen fuel cell.

Team Mentor Dr Amitesh Kumar, Dr Hiralal Pramanik, Dr Shyam Kamal and Dr Sandeep Ghosh said that about a hundred teams participated in Shell Eco-Marathon India 2019 and IIT(BHU) was ranked in the first place. Prof. Neeraj Sharma, Coordinator, Design Innovation Center, IIT(BHU) also played a vital role in the success of the team.

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