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Borders of Varanasi sealed in the wake of COVID-19 threat


Varanasi: In view of the COVID-19 threat the borders of Varanasi district has been sealed for next three days from Monday.

The district magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma said that the movement from Varanasi to outside and from outside into district has been banned. Passing through vehicles who do not enter city or any village will be allowed to pass through highways, he said. However, the movement of sick persons to the hospital and essential commodities has been exempted from the ban, he said.

After the confirmation of COVID-19 positive in a patient of Chitaura village on Saturday evening over 10,000 villagers and two adjoining villages were home quarantined on Sunday. The thermal scanning and sample collection of the villagers were also conducted with the process of sanitization.

On Saturday late evening the district’s first Coronavirus positive case was confirmed. The DM  said that the 30-year-old youth from Chitaura village of Pindra area under the limits of Phoolpur police station was detected as COVID-19 positive.

He worked in a cruise as a cook in the Saudi Arabia returned home on March 18. After he suffered from coughing, he went to the DDU district hospital on March 19 for treatment.

His sample was sent to BHU laboratory, which confirmed it a positive case of COVID-19 on Saturday late evening. DM said that teams were rushed to Chitaura village on Saturday night to make making denizens home quarantined.

Besides Chiraura, other neghbouring  areas  including villagers were isolated.  The total population of these villages including 1678 of Chitora, 3421 of Odhar and 5694 of Rajpur was put in self quarantined, said DM adding that the thermal scanning of each villager had been in Chitora by late afternoon while this process was in progress at Odhar and Rajpur.

Sample of six members had been collected and sent to BHU laboratory for confirmatory test. Sanitization works and distribution of pamphlets containing complete details and precautions on coronavirus had also been completed in the area.

Meanwhile, the Janta Curfew on the call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi evoked a tremendous response in the constituency on Sunday. Most of the city roads wore a deserted look.

Following the announcement of the chief minister Yogi Adityanath for lock down in Varanasi and Azamgarh districts of this region the DMs issued details of the establishments including outlets of essential commodities, petrol pumps, banks and other, which will be functional during three-day lockdown.



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