Buzz Off Perfection

Buzz Off Perfection

By Rashmi Prasad

People take their own insecurities and aim them at other people to make themselves feel better. Shitting on someone to elevate your own profile is unoriginal, lazy and tends to turn people off. Shutting out anyone with a different body type than them is not okay.

People with pure intentions of insulting someone, constantly throw around “her body is so flat”. This bullying is arguably harmful, because it perpetuates the notion that somebody’s self-worth should be based on his/her appearance. Nobody chooses the body he/she has. Everyone is born into a body without a choice. Some people are naturally thin. Some of them are incredibly fit and work their asses off to make it so. Some of them even struggle to put weight on. Does that mean they deserve a little public jeering because they don’t struggle to maintain a certain dress size? That’s a double standard, I just can’t subscribe to…

I admire women who fearlessly walk the streets barefaced without a lick of cosmetic lacquer, sometimes I struggle with. I’m proud to be part of the whole female collective. Publications alter images of women to promote an unrealistic perception of what it means to be desirable. By manipulating us into focusing on attaining the perfect figure, they are profiting. They are attempting to prove that we don’t have worth aside, from being a beautiful trophy to parade around. So, before you jump on the bandwagon to protest someone’s fit form-which they could have worked really hard to obtain.

Buzz Off Perfection

We should celebrate all body types, even those that are not traditionally portrayed as beautiful in media. Throwaway comments from friends and family may mean nothing to the person, saying them, but could damage self- esteem of the person being discussed. Beauty can be found in all body types and another person’s aesthetic appeal doesn’t detract from your own. We can boost ourselves up without pushing others back. We can adore ourselves without hating anyone else. I’m no stranger to whispers, rumours and insulting jabs in regard to my weight or to being shunned simply before of the clichéd judgement of others. This is a bean pole, a skeleton or a toothpick. Eat a cheeseburger. You look sick….What should I respond to this…???.Thank you..????? You never eat. I could eat all I wanted and still manage to look thin…I am not anorexic or bulimic. Its taking time for me, to stop trying to force feed myself or please others. I could have fat injected on my butt or wherever it works. I don’t know if someone is saying it either one as a compliment or insult.

Unless there is something medically wrong with a person or they are deliberately sabotaging their health somehow, there is nothing constructive, polite or acceptable to tell another person that there is something not right with their body……Smile and give recognition to the beautiful being in the mirror staring back at you.

The author Rashmi Prasad is a software engineer, book reviewer and youtuber. Views expressed are personal

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