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A migrant couple blessed with a sweet baby in running train

Binay Singh


Varanasi: The migrant workers travelling in a compartment of Azamgarh bound Shramik special train coming from Surat forgot their pains and miseries of lockdown hardship all of a sudden when they heard the first cry of a baby girl.

Chandrakala, wife of a migrant worker Deenanath, gave birth to the sweet baby in running train on Thursday midnight. Deenanath, resident of Sathiao area of Azamgarh district, lived in Sural in Gujarat to earn livelihood. His wife Chandrakala was in the last stage of pregnancy during the lockdown period.

Along with other migrant workers they also boarded the Shramik special train on Thursday to return home. Around midnight Chandrakala experienced acute labour pain. As there was no doctor or nursing staff, the women co-passenger came forward to help her for the safe birth of baby. The passengers celebrated her birth in the running train.

The train reached Azamgarh on Friday evening. The health care personnel examine the mother and baby and sent them to the district women hospital by an ambulance. Both of them are fit and fine.


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