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Search Operation to locate Jamati in UP begins after CM Yogi comes into action


Lucknow: After returning to Lucknow on Tuesday Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath held an urgent meeting with senior officials, in view of reports that many people from UP had attended a religious event in Delhi’s Nizamuddin area which has emerged as one of the biggest hotspots of COVID-19.

In this high-level meeting at his residence, CM categorically said, any irregularity to follow total lockdown in the state would not be tolerated. He asked the officials to find out the people, who attend the congregation of Tablighi Jamat in Delhi.

The CM said that the services of ex health workers as well as retired army doctors, if required, would be taken. Administration must take complete health protocol during ration distribution and in the working of banks, he said.

CM directed the officials to ensures quarantine of those people who are sent to different places within the state boundaries, as the data is available with government. Besides it, CM ordered to make arrangements of shelter houses, to accommodate those who violate the rule of lockdown.

Meanwhile, the administration has identified 157 people in UP who had attended the Tabligi Jamat. A raid led by district magistrate Abhishek Prakash and Police Commissioner Sujit Kumar Pandey was conducted at Aminabad markaz, where six foreign tourists were found.

While in an operation of Meerut, the police found 14 jamati from Bihar, Maharashtra and Nepal in a locked house of a Muslim cleric in Partapur area. Baharich police along with health department jointly conducted raid at Chand Masjid of city, where 7 Indonasian and a Thail national were staying without informing the local administration. The police sent all to hospital for health check and sealed the place.



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