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RPF on the prowl to hunt Touts

Starts nation-wide operation to identify and act against touting activity; 14 touts including 8 IRCTC agents arrested with recovery of tickets worth Rs. 636727 in two days


New Delhi: The Railway Protection Force (RPF) with the launch of a nation-wide drive on May 20 to curb touting activities has arrested 14 touts including 8 IRCTC agents and recovered tickets worth Rs 63.67.

According to a government report, the IRCTC agents were using personal Ids to corner tickets and then sell them unauthorizedly at a premium. Action has been initiated to get them blacklisted. One tout was found using auto fill software called Super Tatkal Pro.

As Indian Railways has started 15 pairs of AC Special trains on May 12 and announced 100 pairs of additional trains from June 1, complaints had started to pour in regarding touts of e-tickets using multiple personal Ids and cornering reserved berths in these special trains. It was also apprehended that once the reservation for the 100 pairs of trains starts on May 21. the activities of these touts will escalate adversely affecting the availability of confirmed train reservations to the common man.

In view of the above, RPF has started concerted nation-wide efforts to identify and act against these touts. Analysis of PRS data through PRABAL module clubbed with ground intelligence is being used to identify and bring them to book.



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