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IIT (BHU) develops ‘Malaviya Corona Kavach’ for Sample Collection


Varanasi: The Covid 19 pandemic has caused terrible situation around the world and coping up with the impacts of this pandemic is not easy.

Malaviya Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (MCIIE), IIT (BHU) has developed a kiosk on request of Medical Superintendent, Sir Sundarlal Hospital, BHU, especially to collect swab sample of the corona/SARS patients. Prof. P. K. Mishra, Coordinator, MCIIE said that the kiosk is quite safe for collecting samples because it provides sufficient space for the sample collector/doctor to collect the swab sample and also provides turbulence free air with proper air pressure and ventilation in the chamber which reduces the chance of sample collector/doctor getting affected by virus.

Prof. Mishra said that positive pressure is maintained inside the chamber by feeding air from the ceiling and outside air is prevented from entering the chamber. He said that for better decontamination of the chamber, a sterlisation mist is released from time to time. Prof. Mishra said that this kiosk also prevents the dispersal of virus through wind because while collecting swab samples sometimes patient sneezes or coughs but the wind shield prevents such an accidental contamination. He told that this kiosk has been designed technically so as to minimize the risk of contamination of corona warriors.


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