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PM Minister appeals to citizens to strictly adhere to lockdown


Varanasi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday lamented that people are not taking the lockdown in the country seriously. He asked people to strictly follow the lockdown. He appeals to people to follow the instructions and protect themselves.

A day after the Janta Curfew, in a tweet on Monday the PM appealed to the people to save their family members and themselves by strictly adhering to the directions being given by the State and Central Governments.

Cautioning against the spread of corona virus, he said that some people are not taking lock down seriously. He also requested the state governments to ensure the compliance of rules and laws, and make people adhere to the lockdown.

After the Janta Curfew the borders of Varanasi, which is the parliamentary constituency of the PM and one of the locked downed districts of the country, have been sealed from Sunday midnight till March 25.



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