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CM Yogi orders demolition of Gorakhnath temple’s boundary wall for the convenience of masses


Girish Pandey

Gorakhpur: Showing the benevolent character of a yogi as well as a true statesmanship, the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath allowed to demolish a part of his own Gorakhnath Temple’s boundary wall to widen the road connecting Gorakhpur to Sonauli.

With CM’s approval the executing agency PWD demolished the wall and some shops adjacent to it on Friday for the widening of the road connecting Gorakhnath Temple, Dharamshala, Mohdipur, Kudaghat and Nandanagar with the airport.

The work on the four-lane road is underway, and it is likely to complete by March 2021. The road in front of temple saw massive traffic jams. Realising the problem the CM had approved the demolition of the wall for the construction of the four-lane road to ease traffic pressure.

Earlier, by not attending his father’s funeral, the CM had showed that the duty is above the personal issues. And now, by demolishing the temple wall, the CM has given a signal that any construction, be it a shop, house or any religious place, would be demolished when the matter relates to public interest and development.



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