Workshop on on “Vedic Jurisprudence and its impact on the Contemporary World” concludes at BHU


Varanasi: The two Workshop on “Vedic Jurisprudence and its impact on the Contemporary World” organized by the Centre for Vedic Sciences, Banaras Hindu University at the Mahamana Hall of the Malviya Mulya Anusheelan Kendra concluded on Sunday.

On the concluding day, four technical sessions with different moderators and speakers were organized on topics like Vedic Jurisprudence, family law, public policy and international relations, the concept of duties in Indian tradition etc.

Addressing the valedictory session, Justice (Retd.) BS Chauhan encouraged the participants to learn and know the law in the Vedas through Shrutis and Smritis. He further added that the Vedas has not lost their relevance in present era instead it is their interpretation which has turned irrelevant. He told audience about how rules developed. Elaborating further, he said that in ancient time man was not considered as an individual but as a part of society. Law was considered support of the world and an individual cannot survive without law. Drawing illustrations from Ramayana and Mahabharata, he stated how mediation was present even then.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Hriday Ranjan Sharma said that even in the contemporary laws, there is a Vedic perspective which is quite unexplored, and students should take up the lead to do research in this area. In this context, he also said whether its knowledge or science, laws or rules, it has it’s root in Vedas and if we lose that root we will lose our own existing identity.

The function was presided over by Prof Vindhyeshwari Prasad Mishra. The convener Prof Upendra Kumar Tripathi introduced the distinguished guests and promised to organize such workshops to raise the curtains from many of the unexplored areas of Vedic Sciences. Organizing Secretary Dr Anoop Kumar proposed a vote of thanks.



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