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KVIC lends helping hands to migrant workers heading to Katihar on foot

Food provided to 60 migrant workers before they leave for onward journey


Varanasi: Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) on Sunday provided food to hungry migrant workers, who were heading to Katihar (Bihar) on foot.

About 60 workers employed by a contactor at the Railway Coach Factory, Raebareli left for their home on foot along the railway tracks. Their condition was pathetic in want of food.

The KVIC staff noticed them in Sewapuri area, and provided food to them at Bhishmpur Khadi institution before leaving for onward journey.

In his tweet the KVIC chairman VK Saxena said, “KVIC lent helping hands to 60 migrant workers headed on foot to Katihar. The starving labourers were noticed on the roadside at Sewapuri, Varanasi. They were properly fed by our Bhishmpur Khadi institution before they left for the onward journey”.



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