Kamadhenu-Chair will be established in DDU Gorakhpur-University

Kamadhenu-Chair will be established in DDU Gorakhpur-University

Gorakhpur: Deendayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University and Rashtriyal Kamadhenu Aayog is going to establish Kamadhenu Chair and Study Center in the University campus soon.

The announcement was made by Vice Chancellor Prof. Rajesh Singh in a meeting held on Wednesday with Chairman of the Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog Dr Vallabhbhai Katheria.

The VC said that a proposal for the Kamdhenu Chair and Study Center will be sent to the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog very soon. Under Kamdhenu chair and study center, about 15–20 universities, 15–20 colleges, along with large Gaushalas present in the cow belt along the Ganga region will also be invited to carry out research on cow and cow related products. Educational and training modules will also be prepared for awareness and training about cow and cow related products.

The objective is to promote scientific research on cow, cow related products as well as create employment in the region. The establishment of the study center will encourage and promote the scientific research on cow, cow milk and other products.

Prof. Singh informed that Kamdhenu chair and study center will be inaugurated during the international seminar cum webinar to be held on 10-12 February on Deendayal Upadhyay Jayanti. Along with this, a special session will also be held in the seminar on proposed Kamadhenu Chair and Study Center.

The Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog chairman Dr Vallabhbhai Katheria said that Godhan is Rashtradhan. With the establishment of the commission, the awareness campaign for the youth for cow protection is going on. Under this, ‘Kamdhenu Gau Vigyan Prachar Prasar Pariksha’ will be held every year. The exam will be conducted in 12 regional languages ​​besides Hindi and English. Its registration has started on the Commission’s website.

The purpose of conducting this examination is to spread awareness about cow among students and common people. The chairman of the commission says that preparations are being made to provide study material for this examination. Students of primary school, secondary school and college / university level as well as ordinary citizens will be able to participate in this examination. He said that awareness about the cow is necessary, because the cow is not only a milk-giving animal, but also a science. The Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog was established on 6 February 2019.

Dr. Katheria emphasized on the scientific research on cow, cow milk and other products in universities across the country and said that research by scientists from Australia and New Zealand has proved that A2 milk found in the milk of cows of Indian breed is scientifically superior to A1 milk found in cows of foreign breeds. He quoted a research called “Devil in the Milk” to highlight his point. He said even in the United States, A2 milk is much more expensive than A1 milk. Dr. Katheria gave information about products made from cow dung. He said that Ghee and other products made from cow’s milk are scientifically more beneficial. The chairman said that gold particles have also been found in Gomutra and it has been scientifically confirmed. He said that many veterinary doctors and those doing PhD on cow also do not have detailed information about cow and other cow products.

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