West Bengal scenario will set a bad precedent, stern action is required: Ranjana Shahi

Chandigarh lawyer files a petition in Calcutta High Court over incidents of violence, gang-rape in Bengal



New Delhi, 6 May: In the wake of the post-Assembly poll violence, arson, looting, gang-rape and vicious political attacks continuing unabated in West Bengal for the last four days, Ranjana Shahi, a distinguished lawyer based in Chandigarh has filed a petition in Calcutta High Court demanding stern action against perpetrators and safeguarding the fundamental rights of the victims. She said that West Bengal scenario will definitely set a bad precedent. Hence, some earnest and stern action is required.

West Bengal scenario will set a bad precedent, stern action is required: Ranjana Shahi
Ranjana Shahi

In her petition Shahi said, “The country is appalled to see the videos and news of the arson, looting, genocide and rapes of the workers and voters of the party which has lost elections, by the victor in West Bengal and resulting in mass scale exodus of Hindus from Bengal.”

Equating the situation in West Bengal similar to the one during barbarian era when the conqueror would order killing, massacre and looting, Ranjana Shahi said in her petition, “I call upon the prestigious Institution of Calcutta High court, which is the last resort for helpless citizens in West Bengal, to take cognizance and protect the citizens falling under its Majesty of justice.”

“Article 21, right to life, liberty and safety, is the superior most amongst all other fundamental rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution. The High Court of the state, which is the highest forum of justice in a state, has bounden duty to protect the Constitution of the country and the life, property and liberty of citizens within its jurisdiction,” the petition further said.

Calling upon “your lordships” to direct the authorities to register FIRs under appropriate provisions of law against the perpetrators, Shahi urged “to provide protection so as to prevent exodus of Hindus from Bengal and prevent the state from becoming another Kashmir, where genocide, rapes and exodus of Hindus was allowed to happen.”

“Post-poll violence reminiscent of Partition Days”

BJP president JP Nadda has said the widespread post-poll violence in West Bengal is reminiscent of the atrocities people had to face during the country’s partition. “We are committed to democratically fight this ideological battle and the activities of the TMC, which is full of intolerance. I had heard of the immense atrocities committed during the partition, but I have never seen such post-poll violence that is occurring in West Bengal after the declaration of election results,” the senior BJP leader said.

“Violence against BJP workers won’t be tolerated”

New Delhi State BJP President Adesh Gupta has said, “The violence by TMC workers against our activists in West Bengal won’t be tolerated. Violence in the state is not something new. Since 2014 till now, about 400 BJP workers have been killed by TMC. The stoic silence by TMC Supremo and chief minister Mamta Banerjee is admission of the fact her party is involved in it.”

“Violence that dispirited the essence of democratic dignity”

Expressing his grave concern Milind Parande, the Central Secretary General of the Vishva Hindu Parishad, said that the Hindu society in Bengal is terrified and the eyes of those having the responsibility of law and order in the state are shut. He demanded that the state government must immediately stop the orgy of violence and take stern action against the perpetrators. “Now, the Central Government should take the unresponsive attitude of the State Government seriously and take fitting action. Where even the security forces are not safe, it is easy to understand what the state of plight of the ordinary citizens could be!”

“Hindu society also has the full right of self-defense”

Vinod Bansal, National Spokesperson, Vishva Hindu Parishad has said that remaining hushed on the horrific politico-violent atrocities being inflicted on its own citizens by the current regime and political leadership is nothing short of encouraging and cheering violence. In such circumstances the Hindu society also has the full right of self-defense, which it will use! “The attacks on Hindus are still continued in West Bengal. After TMC goons and jihadists, mow state police initiated a drive to frame false cases against the victims who raised their voice by posting pictures and videos to save themselves. Where will Hindus go?”

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