Oxygen Express arrives with 40MT Oxygen

Oxygen Expresses deliver more than 2960 MT of LMO in 185 tankers to different states


Bhadohi: An oxygen train with 40MT lifesaving medical oxygen in two containers on a BOST wagon arrived at Madhosingh railway station in Bhadohi district from Durgapur (West Bengal) on Friday. The oxygen of these containers will be supplied to many districts of the eastern Uttar Pradesh including Varanasi, Bhadohi, Mirzapur and Azamgarh.

According to the spokesperson of the Varanasi division of North Eastern Railway (NER) Ashok Kumar, the operation of oxygen express was undertaken by the NER to increase the availability of oxygen for covid patients in this region.

The DRM Vijay Kumar Panjiyar along with other officials went to the Madhosingh station to supervise the unloading of oxygen containers. Senior operation manager Rohit Gupta said that a green corridor was made between Manduadih and Madhosingh station for uninterrupted movement of the oxygen express.

Overcoming all hurdles and finding new solutions, Indian Railways is continuing its journey of bringing relief by delivering Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) to various states across the country. So far, Indian Railways has delivered more than 2960MT of LMO in 185 tankers to various states across the country.

According to the Ministry of Railways, 47 Oxygen Expresses have already completed their journey so far. It is Indian Railways endeavour to deliver as much LMO as possible in the shortest time possible to the requesting states. So far, 174 MT has been offloaded in Maharashtra, 729 MT in UP, 249 MT in MP, 305 MT in Haryana, 123 MT in Telangana and 1334 MT in Delhi.

Presently 18 tankers are on the run with more than 260 tonnes of LMO which are expected to arrive in Maharashtra, Haryana and Delhi. Running of new Oxygen is a very dynamic exercise and figures keep getting updated all the time. More loaded Oxygen Expresses are expected to start their journeys later in the night.


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