Yogi Govt seeks to double farmers’ income through Panchamrut Yojana

2028 farmers to be selected to develop model plots in 1st phase of the scheme

Lucknow: The Panchamrut Yojana will help the Uttar Pradesh Government headed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to achieve CM’s goal of doubling farmers’ income through introduction of cost effective technical measures and promotion of co-cropping method, an official of the Department of Sugarcane Development has said.

According to the official, the Government has already started taking steps under Panchamrut Yojana to achieve this goal, and would initially select a total of 2028 farmers in the state ahead of autumn season, to develop model plots so that more and more innovative farmers felt encouraged to join the programme for their own benefit.

The official said that the minimum area of this plot will be 0.5 hectare while at least 15 plots each will be selected in Sugarcane Development Councils of Central and Western Uttar Pradesh and 10 in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Different goals have been set district-wise in terms of implementation of methods for maximum outcome under “Panchamrut Yojana”.

The officials of Sugarcane Development Department are visiting villages in different districts of UP to raise farmers’ awareness of the cultivation of sugarcane after wheat harvest. The Panchamrut scheme will also allow farmers to grow oilseeds, pulses and vegetables along with sugarcane as per market demand for additional income, the official pointed out. In addition, the Government will ensure that the farmers get the right price for their produce.

The Panchamrut scheme seeks to reduce production cost of sugarcane, as well as increase productivity and the fertility of the land, through five techniques, including integrated trench method for sowing of sugarcane, ratoon management and trash mulching, drip irrigation and co-cropping.

The scheme has the combined objective of reducing cost through saving water and maximum use of stubble and the leaves of sugarcane, saving use of fertilisers and pesticides, promoting cultivation of more than one crop for greater productivity and enhancing income of farmers as well as controlling pollution as there will be no need to burn leaves in the fields.

The Government will also honour farmers who implement the Panchamrut scheme and are able to enhance productivity of the land as well as their income with ‘Uttam Sugarcane Farmer’ awards. The Uttar Pradesh government encourages farmers to adopt new techniques of agriculture to reduce the cost of agriculture and enhance their income.

It is worth mentioning here, that the Yogi Government increased the sugarcane support price by Rs 350 in the last last crushing season in advance, which included Rs 340 for normal and Rs 335 for species declared unsuitable. The scheme has has proved to be immensely beneficial for the farmers.

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