MPMMCC & HBCH Start Microlaryngeal laser surgery for vocal cord cancer


Varanasi: To provide better treatment to the cancer patients Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya Cancer Centre (MPMMCC) and Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital (HBCH) have started Microlaryngeal laser surgery for the patients suffering from vocal cord cancer. In a very short span of time more than 20 patients have been operated through this modern procedure at MPMMCC.

Microlaryngeal laser surgery is used to treat vocal cord cancer, leukoplakia, polyp cancer, and early oral cancer lesions. While this procedure takes less time to perform this surgery, there are no surgery marks left (cut) anywhere on the face. Most of the surgeries performed by this method in the hospital so far have been related to the vocal cord.

Dr. Aseem Mishra, in-charge of Head and Neck Cancer Department, MPMMCC and HBCH said ‘MPMMCC is the first such hospital in the state to operate vocal cord through Microlaryngeal Laser Surgery. Earlier this surgery was not available anywhere in the whole Uttar Pradesh. In the last few days, we have performed surgery on more than 20 cancer patients with this method. The biggest feature of Micro laryngeal laser surgery is that the patient does not have to undergo open surgery, which reduces hospital stay after the surgery. At the same time, this surgery is cost and time effective  and the success rate of this surgery is 90-95 % provided patients approach us on early stage.”

‘The early symptoms of vocal cord cancer may be hoarseness of voice. If you see such symptoms, it is better to see a doctor immediately. Along with this, we also appeal to the ENT specialists that if such symptoms are seen in a patient, then they must also suggest them for cancer screening, so that the disease can be identified in time’ he added.

Say no to tobacco– Commenting on the disease Dr. Durgatosh Pandey, Dy. Director, MPMMCC said ‘Vocal cord cancer comes under head and neck cancer and consumption of tobacco products is responsible for up to 90 percent of head and neck cancer. Therefore, to avoid such disease, tobacco products should not be consumed at all.

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