New Ram-Mandir coming up in Kashi

New Ram-Mandir coming up in Kashi

Varanasi: A new temple of Shri Ram is in the offing. The temple will come up in Bhagwan Vishwanath’s Kashi, not in Ram’s Ayodhya. The ‘Shilapujan’ (worship of foundation stone) was performed by Shri Ram’s ardent Muslim devotee Nazneen Ansari, while senior RSS functionary Indresh Kumar performed ‘Bhoomipujan’ of the temple at the Indresh Ashram in Lamahi, the native village of celebrated Hindi author Premchand, during the auspicious occasion of Navratri festival on Sunday.

The Shilapujan and Bhoomipujan were performed under the guidance of Pt. Pradeep Shastri and Pt. Anuj Pandey. The unique temple of Shri Ram will be built with the help of Ram’s descendants and devotees. The temple will be open for all without any discrimination. The support from all sections of the society including daliuts, kinnars and Muslims will be taken in the construction of the temple. Along with the idol of Shri Ram, the idols of all of his supporters in the ‘dharma yudha’ including deities, ascetics and other associates and devotees like Jamvant, Nal, Neel, Angad, Tatayu, Sampati, Ahilya, Shabri, Vibhishan, Sushain Vaidya, Trijata, Garud, and even the squirrel will be placed in the temple. A special aarati of the deities will be performed on every Sunday.

New Ram-Mandir coming up in Kashi

A Haryana based industrialist Sunil Goyal gifted a car –‘Shri Ram Rajya Vahan’ to the ashram for the welfare of suffering people. The vehicle was also inaugurated on the occasion.

Meanwhile, a new sect -Shri Rampanth was also established with the beginning of Navratri festival. For the propagation of the new sect, a professor of Banaras Hindu University Dr. Rajiv Srivastava took the ‘deeksha’ from his guru Indresh Kumar in presence of religious heads of different faiths. Srivastava is the founder of Vishal Bharat Sansthan and other organization. He has been active in social service for over three decades.


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