Green bhindi is rich in nutrients and beneficial for human health


Varanasi: Prof. T. K. Behera, Director of ICAR-Indian Institute of Vegetable Research said that, bhindi is one of the most important vegetables cultivated and consumed allover India. It is rich in many nutrients and particularly high in vitamin C and K. Bhindi is rich source of antioxidants which reduce risk of serious diseases, prevent inflammation and contribute to overall health. It contains polyphenols which is beneficial to heart and brain health. It contains a protein called lectin, which is anti-cancerous.

An open pollinated high yielding variety of bhindi Kashi Chaman has been developed from Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, Varanasi in the year 2019 and it can be cultivated in both summer and rainy season. This variety is tolerant to Yellow Vain Mosaic Virus (YVMV) and Okra Enation Leaf Curl Virus (OELCV) diseases which are the most dangerous diseases for bhindi and a major problem in bhindi cultivation. The yield potential of this variety is 21.66% more in its sector. This variety is becoming popular in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand and north-eastern states like Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura for its better performance in farmers’ field.

A Front-Line Demonstration (FLD) on this variety has been conducted in the field of Upendra Singh Patel, a vegetable grower from Bangalipur village, Araziline block, Varanasi by the agricultural extension scientist of IIVR to showcase the yield performance and potential among the farmers.

Patel had sown seeds of bhindi variety Kashi Chaman on 10th July 2021 in 10 biswa (0.3 acre) land in the guidance of the scientists of IIVR, Varanasi. He followed scientific package of practices for bhindi production and used recommended fertilizers and chemicals as suggested by the scientists.  First flush of bhindi was harvested 46 days after sowing i.e. on 25th August 2021. After that he is taking regular harvest of 40 to 50 kg bhindi in 3 to 4 days interval and has already taken 6 harvests and expects to take 12 to 15 more harvest up to last week of October. Total yield is expected to be around 945 kg in 90 days duration form 0.3 acre of land only with net profit of around Rs. 27,000/- after deducting cost of cultivation and transportation cost to the market. Upendra Singh Patel says that, “The texture, shape and attractive green colour of the variety fetch good market price up to Rs. 30 to 45 per kg. Besides selling in the market they are also consuming it at home and very satisfied with the performance of this bhindi variety”.

This FLD is supported by very prestigious ICAR- National Agricultural Science Fund (NASF) sponsored project “Development and Validation of need-based technology delivery model through FPOs in eastern region of India” under supervision of Dr. Shubhadeep Roy. Dr. Roy told that, marketing channels and value addition of vegetables are being explored through Farmer Producer Company (FPC) so that farmers can earn maximum profit and double their income in coming days.

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