IIT (BHU) developed UVC Sterilizer


Varanasi: An incubated company of MCIIE, IIT BHU has developed a low cost multi utility sterilization chamber for essential belongings such as Mobile, purse, key, belt.

“These things are generally not sterilized by even those who are at high risk of infection from corona such as health, sanitation and security personnel,” said Prof PK Mishra, Coordinator, MCIIE and mentor of the project.

According to him, a cabinet based on the principle of UV germicidal irradiation using C band of UV radiation has been developed by this incubated company owned by Gaurav Singh. The device has two UV lamps having capacity 21 watts. Any virus can be deactivated up to 99% by the UVGI dose of 2400 microwatt.sec/cm2.

The device ensures the dose in excess of this to ensure complete inactivation of corona virus. This device is also working on auto timer to ensure the safety of user against the UV dose. This device will be available in the price range of approx. Rs 5000 and can be used by common man to ensure safety from deadly virus. The air circulation within the cabinet ensures complete exposer to incident UV radiation.


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