ISKCON to build Radha-Gopal Mandir in Kashi

ISKCON to build Radha-Gopal Mandir in Kashi

Varanasi: The Bhelupur center of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) is preparing to make the center grand and develop it into a Cultural Centre. Its name will be Sri Sri Radha Gopal Mandir Vedic India Cultural Center.

“Our vision is to make ISKCON’s VICC the most attractive place in Varanasi after Kashi Vishwanath temple and the Ghats of Ganga. We wish to offer an irresistible centre of attraction for tourists, a source of enlightenment for the spiritual seekers and a stage for exposing the rich culture of Kashi. It’ll be an effort to present the traditional values and culture of Vedic India through modern means and help holistic development of society.” said Achyut Mohan Das, Chairman ISKCON Varanasi.

It has made its formal debut on Radha Ashtami, the Annual anniversary day of ISKCON Varanasi. The chief architect Anup Sahni, CEO Ellypsium Architects, said that the project will be completed by summer 2023. After completion it’ll be UP’s second grand ISKCON temple after Kanpur.

The temple will have yoga and other facilities along with accommodation of international standards for tourists coming from any part of the world. A Vedic ashram will also be built in the temple for dedicated spiritual students and social activists.

ISKCON Bhagavat Vidyapitha will also be established in the cultural centre. In it, both basic and advanced courses related to Srimad Bhagwad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Puranas, Upanishads, Chaitanya Charitamrita, etc. will be conducted, which will be from one week to six months. There will be qualified teachers from around the world. It will also have auditorium and three seminar halls with capacity of 125 people to attend cultural events and presentations. In this, tourists from all over the country will be given a glimpse into the Vedic culture through video shows, dance, music, theatrics etc.

ISKCON to build Radha-Gopal Mandir in Kashi

Das said that the temple hall will be made on Royal Jaipur Palace theme. More than 250 devotees will be able to participate in the Darshan, Katha and Kirtan in the temple. Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Family Suites, Royal Suite rooms will also be made for the residence of the guests coming from outside. Two Banquet halls have also been conceptualized in the temple for cultural, corporate and family events. Govindas restaurants will also be made for devotees to get satvik food. Under Food for Life free Prasad will be distributed to visitors and poor people. A gift shop, natural products shop, sales center for Bhoga Prasad will also be established in the temple premises. In addition, Ayurvedic spa will also be implemented. In this, diseases will be treated by natural methods.

He said that this holy land was originally donated by the Dabur family in memory of Shri Guru Achyutanand Maharaj Ji which is now being developed by ISKCON Society as a mega tourism project.

Future annual contribution of Vedic India Cultural Center:

◼️ Free fresh prasadam will be distributed daily to 2000 pilgrims and poor people

◼️ 250 students will be given fully sponsored certificate courses.

◼️ More than 1000 students will be given value education and de-addiction related courses.

◼️ 350 youths to be trained under Skill India initiative.

◼️ 100 women will be trained with appropriate skills to get jobs.

◼️ More than 500 cultural events will be organized for youth and tourists.

◼️ More than 15 startups will be provided with seed fundin, incubation facilities and business-friendly environment.

◼️ More than two thousand people will join campaigns related to organic farming, cow protection and Ayurvedic awareness.

◼️ More than twenty main spiritual curtural festivals will be celebrated in a grand manner.

ISKCON to build Radha-Gopal Mandir in Kashi

ISKCON Youth Welfare Center

Varanasi: Under the social responsibility of ISKCON Varanasi, a “Youth Welfare Center” will be established near Hyderabad Gate of Banaras Hindu University for the welfare of youth. In this, workshops will be conducted to make the youth intellectually competent, technically skilled and most importantly pure in character.

ISKCON to build Radha-Gopal Mandir in Kashi
ISKCON Youth Welfare Center

The center will be operated in the four-storey building and many-many youths can take benefit of this facility to rise in life by connecting to Vedic knowledge. The center has seminar halls for anti-addiction seminars, mega kitchen for sharing free meals, multipurpose halls for cultural events, counseling facilities, recording studio for online courses, conference rooms for value education classes and mental and physical health. Meditation room will be made. The centre is a part of the Samskara Project for Youth Empowerment

ISKCON to build Radha-Gopal Mandir in Kashi

“Youths are the future of society, and thus their good character will be the very root of society’s welfare. If the youths get character education & training at the right juncture of their life, then their families can be saved from a great deal of trouble, otherwise the families whose young sons and daughters get into bad habits often face big challenges and lose a lot. This Youth Welfare Center will be aiming to produce young leaders of future generation with Character, Competence and Devotion just like Arjuna, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Mother Teresa, Ratan Tata, Srila Prabhupada, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela. We wish to facilitate the potential of Youth in a culture of care and positivity to empower them to bring out their potential and make sustainable contributions to the society at large. Our effort is to equip the youths with all necessary support, association and positive value system to help them bridge the gap between their dreams and accomplishments,” said Sandeep an Alumnus of IIT BHU and director of ISKCON Varanasi’s cultural branch UMEED.

This Youth Welfare Center will aim to offer following services annually

◼ Providing nutritious meals to over 250 youths everyday

◼ Providing free Academic education to 120 youths

◼ Providing 60 scholarships to promising students

◼ Training 100 youths in employment skills

◼ Providing in-depth meditation to over 40 youths

◼ Incubation center for facilitating 10 start-ups annually

◼ Providing 500 hours of online education videos creation

◼ Providing anti-addiction training to over 150 youths

◼ Providing Value Education course to 225 teenagers

ISKCON to build Radha-Gopal Mandir in Kashi

ISKCON National Vedic Olympiad

It is an initiative of ISKCON Varanasi’s cultural branch, UMEED Foundation and Aakash Institute. It is an online Olympiad that will be held nationally. Children from primary, junior, senior and graduate level will participate in it. The Olympiad will be held in three phases, including Regional Vedic Olympiad, Zonal Vedic Olympiad and National Vedic Olympiad. To register for Olympiad, you can visit The medium of Olympiad will be English and the questions will be from 11 subjects including Vedic Mathematics, Vedic Science and Astronomy, Vedic History, Ayurveda and Lifestyle, Spirituality and Yoga.

“Our aim is to steer the awareness and interest of our modern youths to the timeless treasure of Vedic sciences that has offered sustainable solutions to all fields of life from time immemorial. Vedic knowledge is a priceless gift of India to the World and we wish to revive it to its original Glory. We shall be giving exclusive study material to the registered students and then offer them a platform to compete at national level. The course will be designed in mind keeping the tenets of the new National Educational Policy,” said Himanshu Datt a IIT BHU alumnus and chief coordinator of NVO. This initiative is started by a group of IIT and NIT alumni in order to help develop better character and competence in teenagers, as a celebration and assistance to the Govt. of India’s new National Educational Policy.


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