PM addresses media before beginning of Monsoon-Session

PM addresses media before beginning of Monsoon-Session

New Delhi: Before the commencement of the monsoon session of the Parliament, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed media on Monday. “The Parliament session commences today under special circumstances. There is a corona pandemic on one hand while our obligation towards fulfilling our duties on the other; and all the MPs have chosen the path of duty,” he said.

The PM said that the budget session had to be wrapped up ahead of time. This time, Parliament will be functioning twice a day, once the Rajya Sabha, once the Lok Sabha. The shift timings had to be changed too. The weekend breaks on Saturday-Sundays too have been cancelled this time. All the members have accepted this, welcomed this and have decided to continue on the path of duty.

“Several important decisions will be taken in this session; various topics will be discussed. Our experience tells us that the more we discuss in the Lok Sabha, the more diverse the discussion is in the House, the more beneficial it is for the country and solving the issues at hand. I believe this time too, following that great tradition, all the MPs will come together and add value to it,” said the PM.

PM addresses media before beginning of Monsoon-Session

“Under the present situation created by corona, we have to follow the rules and move ahead with great precautions. And it is also clear that we cannot afford any laxity in our approach unless there is a medicine. We are hoping that the vaccines should come up from any corner of the world as soon as possible, our scientists become successful in this direction as soon as possible and we can succeed in getting everyone out of this crisis,” said the PM.

The PM further said this House, particularly this Session, has one more crucial responsibility. Today the brave soldiers of our army are on the borders. They are defending the borders with great courage and high spirits, in the difficult terrains. And the rains are going to begin in a few days. Just like the faith with which they are standing, determined to protect the motherland, these Houses and all the members of the House too will send out a message in a unanimous voice, spirit and resolve – the country stands in support of the Indian army through the Houses and the Members of Parliament. The entire House stands with the brave soldiers of the country with one voice, he added.


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