An appeal for Plasma-donation

An appeal for Plasma-donation

Varanasi: The authorities of the Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS), Banaras Hindu University have made an appeal to those, who recovered from coronavirus infection, to come forward for plasma donation.

They said that IMS is fully ready to conduct convalescent plasma transfusion for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. “Convalescent plasma therapy is an investigational therapy for COVID positive patients with moderate disease who are not improving. It requires ABO compatibility and presence of antibody in donor plasma,” said IMS director Prof. RK Jain.

According to him, the blood bank of BHU has the capacity to provide convalescent plasma for those who require it in the COVID ICU of Super speciality block BHU. Three Apheresis machines at the Blood Bank, BHU, are fully functional, and will be used to receive plasma from recovered patients.

An appeal for Plasma-donation

Convalescent plasma was transfused for a patient in ICU. The IMS received two plasma donors from two patients who have recovered from COVID 19. One of the donors is the recovered Junior Resident of IMS, while another one is from the city. However, both donors had insufficient antibodies in their plasma.

The medical superintendent of Sir Sunderlal Hospital of BHU Prof. SK Mathur and the Nodal officer, COVID-19, Prof. Jaya Chakrabarty have made an appeal to all those who have recovered from Covid19 to come forward for plasma donation, 14 days after a negative RT-PCR report.


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