Fake letters on behalf of Sankat-Mochan Temple

Fake letters on behalf of Sankat-Mochan Temple

Varanasi: After a matter of forged letters being sent in the name of renowned Sankat Mochan Temple to religious institutions and monasteries across the country, the mahant Vishwambhar Nath Mishra made a complaint to the police demanding a probe into it.

“The matter came to out notice when the undelivered letters started coming to temple’s address in large numbers. The content of the letter is highly objectionable and derogatory against the Akshardham temple’s Swaminarayan sect,” said Mahant adding that a written complaint was given to Lanka police with the bunch of letters and the higher authorities were also informed.

In this letter printed on Inland Letter Card, the Akshardham temple of Swaminarayan sect has been termed as a threat to the Sanatan Dharma. The letter also discourages people from visiting the Akshardham temple in order to protect the Sanatana dharma. Besides, the letter also makes an appeal to temple authorities to send these letters to other religious institutions.

Fake letters on behalf of Sankat-Mochan Temple

“It seems to be an organised conspiracy to defame the temple. Since the letters bear the sender’s address as Mahant Sankat Mochan Temple, the matter hurts our reputation,” he said adding that the matter should be investigated properly to expose the nexus. He also received phone calls regarding the letters, and he had to clarify that the letters were not sent by the temple, he added.

The police said that the matter is being investigated.



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