Teacher by Profession Artist by Passion

Teacher by Profession Artist by Passion

Meet Rupali -a teacher by profession but an artist by passion. She loves to make the best out of wastes. She has a strong fan following on social media for her creativity. Her hobby made her a young entrepreneur. Today this 27-year-old artist is the owner and designers at Fascinating Art.

Teacher by Profession Artist by Passion

“I heard somewhere that a creative soul is a happy one. Today I am happy because I chose what my heart wanted. I am an academics teacher by profession but since childhood I had a great passion for art and craft,” she said adding that in her free time she used to take her colors and sit to paint or draw for hours.

“I remember that once my mother was throwing some stuff out because it was no longer of use. But I came up with some ideas and restored and redesigned those things which actually amazed everyone and I also realized that I am really good at it,” said Rupali adding that with time this hobby became a habit. She became really good at it- whether its clothes, furniture, shoes, rejected photo frames etc.

Teacher by Profession Artist by Passion

Teacher by Profession Artist by PassionTeacher by Profession Artist by Passion

“I keenly worked on those things. It was then I came up with the idea to be a part time entrepreneur who can design things and thus “Fascinating Art” was created,” she said adding, “I am not an artist with degrees but I am an artist by soul and I think that is the reason why people liked my work”.

Today she has 5k+ followers on Facebook and it is growing. Recently she also started her YouTube channel -FASCINATING ART where she teaches various tactics and methods to restore waste things. “I started it so as to reach the audience who wish to learn art and craft but could not afford it. With my videos they can actually enjoy and learn as well”.

Teacher by Profession Artist by Passion

Teacher by Profession Artist by Passion“My channel is not just limited to art but includes cooking tutorials as well. Today with these minor victories and with the intent to grow more I have chosen this to be my full-time profession so that I can give more time to what I love and also sell customised gifts for their special occasion at affordable prices,” said a proud Rupali.

Rupali’s Motto:

  • To encourage women empowerment in in long term and help them to be confident, encourage best out of waste ideas, and encourage raw talent and Starts-ups.

Rupali’s achievements:

  • Nominated for BHARAT KI LAKSHMI -Initiative by PM Narendra Modi.
  • Crafter in Spotlight by ITSY BITSY Challenge winner hosted by CREATIVE EMBELLISHMENT.
  • Secured 2nd position in competition hosted by FEVICRYLHOBBY IDEAS.

Rupali’s Hobby:

  • Painting, Recycling, Papercraft



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