Varanasi registers more COVID-19-patients

Varanasi registers more COVID-19-patients

Varanasi: With 67 more cases of COVID-19 the tally rose to 1,643 in the district on Thursday. The death toll also rose to 37 after one person died of coronavirus.

According to medical bulletin, 73 persons, who recovered from illness, were discharged from the hospitals on Thursday. So far 763 patients have recovered. Presently, the district has 843 active cases of COVID-19.

In Ballia district, among 869 lab test reports received on Thursday 87 persons were found positive increasing the tally to 939. So far 523 patients have recovered, while nine persons had died. Currently, there are 376 active cases of COVID-19 in the district.

Varanasi registers more COVID-19-patients

In Mau district, 405 lab test reports were received with five positive cases on Thursday. With it the total number of positive cases rose to 355 in the district. Among them four persons had died, while 264 persons have recovered. The district has 87 active cases of COVID-19.

In Mirzapur district, 10 new positive cases were found on Thursday increasing the tally to 362. So far, 10 patients had died while 252 have become recovered. Presently the district has 100 active cases of coronavirus.

The Chandauli district recorded 33 positive cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, while 96 recovered persons were discharged from the hospital. The total number of positive cases rose to 630 in the district. Of them 378 persons have recovered, while six persons died. Presently, there are 246 active cases of COVID-19 in the district.

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