Ganga rising Yamuna remains silent

Ganga rising Yamuna remains silent

PRAYAGRAJ: Rise in water level of river Ganga continued on Saturday, and has reached near Bade Hanuman Temple, situated at Bandhawa, Prayagraj.

Ganga rising Yamuna remains silent
Ganga rising Yamuna remains silent

The water has started entering catchment areas and people living in these places have moved to safer places. The owners of shops set up near Bade Hanuman Temple have moved to safe and dry places.

As per the data received from officials at Flood Control Division, on Saturday by 12 noon the water level of Ganga was recorded 80.24 mt. at Phaphamau, 79.12 mt. at Chatnaag and Yamuna at 79.69 mt.

Due to increase in water level VIP Ghat and Ram Ghat have flooded. The people living near Nagvasuki Temple and nearby areas have moved to Parade Ground. The district administration is also on alert.

Ganga rising Yamuna remains silent

On Friday, water level of Yamuna remained silent and started receding by the evening.  But water level at Ganga continued to rise. Akshaywat Road near Sangam is water logged and has been closed and boatmen have been warned not to enter in water near Sangam area.

More than 4 lakh cusecs of water from Haridwar, Narora and Kanpur dams were released in Ganga on Friday.


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