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FAARD team visits Sonbhadra villages

FAARD team visits Sonbhadra villages

Sonbhadra: Agricultural scientists led by Prof. Panjab Singh, the chairman of the Foundation for Advancement of Agriculture and Rural Development (FAARD) and former vice-chancellor of Banaras Hindu University (BHU) visited the villages of Sonbhadra district on Saturday to conduct a field study for scientific farming.

The team visited many villages including Gaurahi, Hona and Ratwal for the study under the Department of Biotechnology funded ‘Biotech-Farmer Programme’ being conducted by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (UCAR) -Indian Institute of Vegetable Research (IIVR).

FAARD team visits Sonbhadra villages

The agricultural scientists discussed the problems being faced by the farmers. The main purpose of the scheme is to encourage the farmers for scientific farming to make them financially self-reliant. Prof. Singh said that FAARD has been working for the training of farmers so that they can become technically sound and improve their farming skill. The villages selected under the scheme would be developed as a model for further replication. The main emphasis is on employment generation through farming for the overall development of farmers and farming sector.

FAARD team visits Sonbhadra villages

Prof. Singh said that attempts are being made for agricultural export by forming farmers clusters through Farming Production Organisations (FPOs). The interested farmers would also be sent to recognized institutions for training. He also encouraged farmers for activities like poultry, fishery, and bee farming.

The agricultural scientists gave scientific tips to the farmers to improve farming. The team comprised of IIVR director Dr. Jagdish Singh, former director of the Institute of Agricultural Science, BHU, Prof. Shivraj Singh, agricultural scientists of BHU including Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh, Dr. Neeraj Singh, Dr. Umesh Singh, and others.



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