Indian Railways modifies instructions for 30 Special Rajdhani type train and 200 Special Mail Exp trains


New Delhi: Indian Railways has modified instructions for 30 special Rajdhani type trains started from May 12 and 200 Special Mail Express to be introduced from June 01 (total 230 trains).

Ministry of Railways has decided to increase the advance reservation period (ARP) of all Specials notified from 30 days to 120 days. Booking of Parcel and luggage shall be permitted in all these 230 trains.

The above changes shall be implemented with effect from 08:00 hrs of train booking date of 31st May 2020 onwards.

Other terms like Current booking, Tatkal quota allocation of seats to road side stations etc to be same as in regular time tabled trains.

These instructions can also be viewed on the Indian Railways under the head commercial circulars in Traffic Commercial Directorate.

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