Thank You PM Modi

Over 100 people of Varanasi express their gratitude to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi through a video presentation

Varanasi: While many developed countries in the world are badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, India having a huge population of 130 crores people is handling the situation efficiently to keep majority of the population safe.

“This has been possible only with the right decision at the right time by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Many people might have to face some bad phases because of lockdown, but it was necessary to save the country from the pandemic,” said Poonam Rai, a physically challenged woman and president of BR Foundation.

The Corona warriors are seen serving people in many ways, and they are being praised for their selfless services to the society. “We should also do something to express our gratitude to our PM. We decided to create a video presentation of people with folded hands expressing their gratitude to the PM,” she said adding that the foundation will try to send it to the PM through his local office.

Rai, a graduate from Banaras Hindu University, holds a record for painting 658 faces of girls under “phases of faces”. She runs a school in Pandeypur locality to teach drawing and other activities to children.


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