Rainwater harvesting in CM Yogi’s Math

Acres of draught facing land turned green


Gorakhpur: Acres of draught facing land have been converted into green through the rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharging in the premises of Gorakhnath Temple.

The head of Goraksh Peeth and chief minister Yogi Adutyanath took a lead in rainwater harvesting for the groundwater recharge after the region faced draught in 2014 and 2015.

According to Girish Pandey, about four years ago four points of the low-lying land were identified in the temple premises for the rainwater harvesting during monsoon.


In consultation with engineers 10x9x10-feet trenches were dug up at the places with 20-feet deep boring to collect rainwaters. Each tank with the capacity of 10,000 liters costs around Rs. 70,000.


Yogi said that due to depletion in groundwater the handpumps used to go dry during summer. In such a situation the rainwater harvesting is the perfect solution to the problem. In order to overcome the shortage of water, the rainwater harvesting is a must in all residential and commercial buildings.


As the CM water conservation is one of his priorities to provide irrigation as well as potable water to all. Works are in progress on all the half-complete irrigation projects in the state. It has been targeted to increase additional irrigation of 25 lakh hectares of land in the current financial year. For the potable water projects worth of Rs. 30, 000 crores are in progress in Bundelkhand, Vindhya and other regions.


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