‘Darkness to Light’ in COVID-19 Lockdown

BHU student Shreya Garg converts 51 days of lockdown as photography days with a theme "Darkness to Light" through a visual feast From 25th March 2020 to 14th April 2020


Binay Singh

Varanasi: Shreya Garg, a student of the Faculty of Visual Arts of Banaras Hindu University, spent her lockdown days at home by refining her art of photography.

An initiative to change the “darkness into light” Shreya tried to convey a message from through her photography everyday with video album made by her.

When the mind started becoming unwell within a few days after the lockdown Shreya called her mentor four times Guinness World Record holder Dr. Jagadeesh Pillai to guide her to spend the lockdown days positively.

“It was never thought that due to the epidemic, we would have to be imprisoned in homes for about two months. But there was no option we have to be in locked down for our own safety. In such a situation, most of the artist students are engaged in improving their art in every way,” said Pillai.

“Being having the habit of seeing everything in a positive way, he has advised me to use the newly bought camera and then take photograph of everyday items at home and select one photo among many taken a day and dedicate that for the day. Sir also gave some photographic tips,” said Shreya, a resident of Aurangabad (Bihar).

“When the lockdown days moved 3.0, I determined to continue for 51 days and today got a chance to dedicate a visual feast of my artistry to the country and it will remain an ever-memorable phase of my life,” she said adding that in the photography feast, most of the things are household items and little bit of nature related.

The visual compilation of this photography is done as every photo is changing from black and white to color, hence the theme is also named “from darkness to light”, which colors the dark days of the epidemic with its art. The world has been transformed.

In the background of the video Dr. Jagadeesh Pillai has sung the vedic mantra “Asato Ma Sadgamaya, Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya”. After this work, Shreya has engaged herself in making an art form towards her dedication to “Namami Gange”.


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