IIT(BHU) to play key role in transforming Varanasi into smart city

Virtual center 'Smart City Cell' launched in the Institute; IIT (BHU) and VSCL will work together on Varanasi Smart City Project

IIT(BHU) to play key role in transforming Varanasi into smart city

Varanasi. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India, is in the process of improving major cities across the country under the Smart City Mission. In order to transform Varanasi into a smart city under this mission, an MoU between Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University) and Varanasi Smart City Limited (VSCL) has been signed.


In order to give acceleration to the mission, Prof. Pramod Kumar Jain, Director IIT (BHU) has launched the Smart City Cell, a virtual centre at IIT (BHU) where a team of the institute’s academics and professionals will work in close coordination with the VSCL Officials to address diverse needs of the Smart City projects. Mr. Gaurang Rathi, CEO, VSCL welcomed this idea and it was agreed by both to proceed with the modalities to ensure timely attainment of the goals.

IIT(BHU) Director Professor Pramod Kumar Jain said that the objective of this agreement is to further leverage the involvement of faculty and students of the Institute in the overall development of the city. The association of the two organisations will be very much fruitful for both and prove to be a major step towards the betterment of the living conditions for citizens of Varanasi. The scope of the collaboration includes verification and evaluation of all VSCL designs (especially the structural designs) and drawings by experts from the institute leading to the strategic transformation of the city.


IIT(BHU) to play key role in transforming Varanasi into smart city

Professor Jain added that VSCL has also agreed to associate itself with students of IIT(BHU) for project related works. UG/PG students from IIT (BHU) will do their summer internship in VSCL in projects related to IoT, Information Technology, Structural Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning, Smart Mobility, Environment, Waste Management, Energy, GIS, Ponds Restoration, Ganga Rejuvenation, Sensor Deployment and many other fields. Furthermore, professionals from IIT (BHU) will be invited to be part of the key technical discussions and Strategic meetings being held at VSCL, to share their expert opinion, and to provide appropriate solutions.

He further added that the IIT (BHU) team will involve in the proper water management of the both groundwater and surface water resources including the accurate water budgeting of the city corresponding to domestic, industrial demand of Varanasi city. 3D city Modelling combined with IoT, AI Cloud, and Big Data Analytics is playing a crucial role in development of sustainable cities. IIT(BHU) has recently established an Centre of Excellence in Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) with support from DST in the field of Data Analytics and Predictive Technologies (DAPT). VSCL has shown his keen interest to apply IoT and DAPT in the field of traffic management and Pedestrian Management in the city areas.


IIT(BHU) to play key role in transforming Varanasi into smart city

Mr. Gaurang Rathi, CEO, VSCL suggested that a series of webinars in collaboration be organised so that the experience, expertise, and lessons learnt from projects reach a larger audience, organizations involved in similar activities, and other Smart City Projects. A team of experts comprising Dr. Anurag Ohri, Dr. Ankit Gupta and Dr Shishir Gaur from IIT (BHU) and Dr. D. Vasudevan from VSCL has been formed to organize the webinar series.

Reiterating the institute’s commitment to nation building through its contribution to the Smart City Mission and the Swachh Bharat Mission, Director Professor Pramod Kumar Jain said that as a premier technical institute of the country, IIT (BHU) will continue to adapt, innovate, and engage to ensure quality life to everyone.

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