Create investor-friendly environment in Uttar Pradesh: Yogi

UP has immense opportunities and has all kind of resources; the state gives guarantee of safety; the state has markets too; prepare an action plan to make an IT hub near Jewar: Yogi


Lucknow: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that investors should be made aware of the opportunities and resources of UP. The method of communication should be so effective that the investors can feel that UP is the best place for investment in the country.

The CM was reviewing the presentation of Invest India Exclusive Investment Forum on Saturday. “Our investment policies in different sectors are the best. We are also making necessary changes according to the situation arising after the unprecedented crisis of Corona. We are providing 24 hours electricity. Land is available everywhere where investors want, and the safety to them is our guarantee. We will have the maximum number of expressways in the country in the coming days. Along with the better air connectivity, we have metro for a pleasant and safe journey,” he said adding that in the coming days, there will be metro connectivity in other major cities. The nation and the world will connect with Jewar Airport from UP.

The CM said furher, “As the state with the largest population, we are the most endowed as far as the human resources are concerned. There is no market bigger than Uttar Pradesh. Apart from the population of more than 23 crore, half of Bihar and Nepal depend on UP for their economic, educational and medical needs”. People of Bihar come to Gorakhpur and Varanasi for these needs. Many people from Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand come to Allahabad and people from Madhya Pradesh come to Agra.

The CM said that world-class IITs, polytechnics, ITIs provide lakhs of skilled human resources every year. All these things have to be communicated to investors. Make policy according to the need of investors and also prepare an action plan to make another IT hub near Jewar. Do not make a policy keeping in mind Noida at the centre but all of the state, so that the entire state can develop. He also directed to make common facility Centers as Mini Rural Secretariat. Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Dinesh Sharma, Minister Siddharth Nath Singh and senior officials were present in the meeting.


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