BAU aims at promoting dry flower technology to enhance farmers’ income

Binay Singh

Bhagalpur: Bihar Agricultural University (BAU), Sabour, has undertaken an initiative to enhance the income of people particularly belonging to farming community by making them skilled in dry flower technology. The dry flower products would fetch extra money for them.

According to reports, the Department of Horticulture (Vegetable and Floriculture) has started an exercise to train the local girls in dry flower technology for making varieties of eco-friendly products of home decor or gift items. Through this technology, which is easy to learn, women folk or even physically challenged people can also make extra income which can overcome farmers’ hardship during crop failures in field.

Dr. Deepti Singh of the department of Horticulture (vegetable and Floriculture) has goven a detailed account of dry flower technology in her research article on ‘Comparative drying method study in different flowers with respect to quality dry flower products preparation’ published in International Journal of Agriculture Sciences.

According to her article, dry flowers have good demand both in Indian and international markets. From India, it is exported to more than 20 countries like USA, Japan and Europe. India stands first in dry flower export owing to the availability of diverse floras. Presently, among all the horticultural produce, Indian floricultural industry is having a more than 70% share in the export of dry flowers and its value-added products. Export of dried flowers and plants from India is more than Rs 100 Crore per year.

Dry flower market has grown significantly as consumers are becoming eco-conscious and prefers eco-friendly and biodegradable products of dry flowers. There are wide ranges of wild/ unutilized/ underutilized plant species that can be dried from one or the other drying method and can successfully be commercially exploited in different forms. Dry flower does not mean only flower parts, but also includes dried shoots, seeds, barks, weeds and grasses. Flowers on drying can be easily converted into different valuable products which have a high demand in International market.

Drying flowers at home is an inexpensive and effective way to add a special touch to any decor. It adds value to create decorative centerpieces for home with the benefit of having little maintenance and longer time enjoyment of beautiful flowers. Dried flowers preserve special gift bouquets, creating a beautiful long-lasting arrangement for indoors.

Dried flowers are widely used to make handmade paper, lampshades, candle holders, jute bags, photo frames, boxes, books, wall quilts, topiary, cards and several gifts. The use of dry flowers in making of these products enhances the appearance and beauty of these products. Beside this, it also makes us to remember the anniversaries and other related occasions.


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