Kinnars get Eidee on the eve of Eid Festival


Varanasi: “We had never imagined that we would get such a love and honour from the society,” wondered the kinnar guru Nisha Didi while receiving Eidee on the eve of Eid Festival on Sunday.

The Nanaaj Bank, run by an NGO Vishal Bharat Sansthan, organized a programme to distribute Eidee among the kinnars (eunuchs) at Lamahi village. “We will never forget the generosity shown to us in time of crisis,” she said. Similar was the views of other kinnars like Sonia, Jooli, Sonali,  Lalita, Mona Nazia and others.

The VBS founder Rajiv Strivastava said that the district magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma arranged 100 packets for distribution among the kinnars.  The packet distribution ceremony was inaugurated online by the executive member of RSS Indresh Kumar. He said that the Anaaj Bank has made a significant initiative for the socialization of kinnar community.

The in-charge of Varanasi Masonic Lodge KK Gupta provided food grains to Anaaj Bank for this purpose. The AMD (finance & revenue) Satish Pal, who attended the programme, appreciated the role of Anaaj Bank in serving the needy people stranded in lockdown.

VBS founder Rajiv Srivastava said that the 200 kinnars would be given Eidee packets. They would be given all possible help in time of need. The organization has been arranging food packets and food grains for the needy people since the beginning of lockdown.

The programme was attended by the members of Varanasi Masonic Lodge including Jay Prakash, Purushottam Jalan, Dr. MK Gupta, Shiv Kumar Chowdhary, and Deepak Mali, member of UP Madrassa Board Nazneen Ansari, Dr. Mridula Jaiswal, Mohammad Ajaharuddin and others. The programme was conducted by Archana Bharatvanshi and Nazma Parveen.


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