Youth in Varanasi organise Climate Strike under Fridays For Future

Climate Agenda lead the Global Campaign in Varanasi to save Climate


Varanasi: A Climate Strike event was organized at Shaheed Udyan in Sigra area on Friday to support the global campaign Fridays For Future to save climate.

The campaign is being supported by people living in more than 100 countries so far. Public mobilization and advocacy activities are organized in all such countries on each Friday to not only sensitize everyone, but also to push the local governments to take stringent actions towards saving the climate and securing everyone’s future. Climate Agenda is leading the process in Uttar Pradesh where young students and the civil society is spearheading the campaign.

This global campaign was initially brought into light when a 17-year-old Swedish citizen Ms Greta Thunberg decided to skip her school on Fridays to start a regular sit in in front of the Swedish Parliament. This was, according to Ms Greta, her method to push the government to take actions towards saving the climate. Her consistent action has now inspired millions of people living across 100 plus countries where such mobilization and advocacy activities are run by the locals on Fridays.

Now a global campaign which was initiated by just a small aged girl in Europe has triggered the idea that it is everyone’s duty to stand against climate crisis, and not of people belonging to any specific caste, community or organization. The core message of this campaign is to leave the planet for upcoming generations as was left for us by our forefathers.

Briefing about the event and the climate crisis, Ms Saniya Anwar from the Climate Agenda said, “Enough of talking and documentation work is done to promote climate conservation, this is the high time that public and the government stand together to convert the promises into action. Good to see that India is marching ahead in terms of achieving target of annual solar power generation, but thermal power generation still stands as our first love. The government is still far away from pushing the companies to follow emission norms.” She added “We support Greta and this global initiative and we are trying to bring our elected representatives as well on the same platform”.


The activity was organized by Mr Sunil Singh Dhuria of the Climate Agenda and was participated by Shweta, Komal, Poonam, Satyendra, Vivek, Anshika, Ritesh, Brijesh, Ashutosh, Sunil, Arvind, Ravi and many others.



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