IIT BHU develops a prototype of UV-C light-based surface cum room sanitizer


Binay Singh

Varanasi: A team of IIT (BHU) has developed a prototype of UV-C light-based surface cum room sanitizer. The team comprises of Dr. Shyam Kamal, Dr. SK Singh, Dr. S Ghosh, and Dr. NKS Naidu from the Department of Electrical Engineering.

This robot will help to sanitize hospitals, Hotels, quarantine centers, buses, trains, etc. This robot consists of two modes of operation. The first mode is a surface sanitizer, which can be used in the presence of humans, and the other mode is complete room sanitization, which could only be used in the absence of people. This robot is developed using a toy car, under which intense UV-C light has been used, and on top of it, there is a tower of UV-C light for complete room sanitization.

Dr. Shyam Kamal said that they used the toy car so that the replication would be very easy for anywhere in India in the current pandemic COVID-19.  He further said that this robot is capable of sanitizing the whole in 20-30 minutes by placing a robot at well-identified positions. This robot is RF operated as well as containing the Wi-Fi-camera so one can operate it from the outside of the room during the whole room sanitizing process.

IIT (BHU) director Prof. Pramod Kumar Jain said that the Institute is fully prepared to fight with this dangerous virus while fulfilling its social obligations and is fully ready to cooperate with the government and administration for all such needs.


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