Exhibition held at Sarnath Museum

International Museum Day celebrated in a symbolic way


Varanasi: On the recommendation of ICOMOS, the International Museum Day was celebrated in Sarnath Museum of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in a symbolic way on Monday. Following the guidelines of the government no public gathering was held on the occasion.

According to the superintending archaeologist of Sarnath Circle of ASI, Dr. NK Sinha, a beautiful exhibition of drawing and painting was organized at the museum. These drawings were prepared by children of the staff/officers of Sarnath Museum, Sarnath Circle, Sarnath Sub-Circle and Horticulture wing at their homes. The subject of the drawings and paintings was Pandemic of Corona Virus (COVID-19) and its prevention.

Drawings of all the students are very well prepared showing their awareness towards the current pandemic. Before organizing this exhibition, the displayed objects of both the Verandah of the museum were cleaned by the staff. A message was also painted at the main entrance gate of the museum. All the staff were present during the programme by following the guidelines of social distancing and using the face mask.

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