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Corona effect -no bed roll provided in AC coaches


Varanasi: Taking the spread of corona virus as a serious challenge, the Indian Railways decided to take immediate measures to combat the possible infections in trains.

The North Eastern Railway (NER) held an emergency meeting on Sunday to define measures for containing spread of corona virus on trains. According to NER spokesperson, it has been decided to temporarily suspend the distribution of blankets in AC coaches till further orders. The curtains were immediately removed, and all passenger contact areas are being intensively disinfected. The temperature setting of coaches is being regulated in order to mitigate the effect of germs and virus.

Frequency Sterilization of blankets is being increased in order to provide germ free blankets on demand to elderly people and children. Extra bed sheets will be provided on demand to passenger for pleasant journey.

Extra efforts are being taken by mechanised laundry dries to provide clean and hygiene linen to passengers. The blankets would be provided till March 24 on demand only. Thereafter (from March 25) the blankets will not be provided on NER based trains till the COVID-19 remains epidemic. The passengers will have to bring their own bed rolls.



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