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Four more COVID-19 positive cases detected in Varanasi


Varanasi: Four more persons including a 23-year-old woman, who gave birth to healthy baby at Banaras Hindu University hospital, were tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday.

The number of positives cases rose to 126, while seven persons, who turned negative, were discharged from the hospital. So far 77 persons recovered from illness, and four persons had died. Presently, there are 45 active cases in the district.

The pregnant woman from Rohtas (Bihar) was admitted to BHU hospital on May 19. She has been kept in isolation ward while her baby was sent to NICU.

Besides, other infected persons include a 27-year-old youth of Shankardham colony in Kabirnagar area of Bhelupur, who had returned home from Mumbai on May 16 by train, a 30-year-old native of Tulsikua under Chetganj police station , and a 19-year-old boy of Audhey village in Rohaniya area. Now, total number of hotspots in the district has become 58., while 20 of them turned to green zones.


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