Ganga On The Rise In Eastern UP

Varanasi: Following the monsoon break the Ganga is on the rise in this region of eastern UP, though the river is still flowing below the danger mark. In last 24 hours the water level of Ganga recorded a rise of 1.37 mt in Mirzapur, 0.70 meter in Varanasi, 0.76 meter in Ghazipur and 1.13 meter in Ballia on Friday.

According to the flood bulletin on the Central Water Commission, the river was flowing at the mark of 65.85 meter in Mirzapur, 59.96 meter in Varanasi, 53.43 meter in Ghazipur and 51.12 meter in Ballia on Friday. However, the river was flowing well below the danger marks at all the places. While Ganga was flowing 11.87 meters below the danger mark (77.72 mt) in Mirzapur, it was flowing 11.60 meters below the danger mark (71.26 mt) in Varanasi, 9.67 meters in Ghazipur (63.10 mt) and 6.49 meters below in Ballia (57.61 mt).

The CWC flood bulletins suggest that maximum rain fall was recorded in last 5-6 days. Ballia recorded maximum 400.8 mm rain fall from July 1 to 12 followed by Mirzapur (400.2 mm), Varanasi (256.4 mm) and Ghazipur (227.8 mm). The water levels increased up to 2.46 mt in Mirzapur, 1.54 mt in Varanasi, 1.19 mt in Ghazipur and 1.69 mt in Ballia during this period.

The monsoon showers also played a spoilsport in the city due to the defunct storm water drainage system, which was executed by the Ganga pollution control unit of UP Jal Nigam at the cost of Rs. 253 crore. All the low laying areas and roads in other localities of the city witnessed heavy water logging during rains due to chocked drains.

According to the records the project was completed in 2015, but it is still non-functional as it was yet to be handed over to the Varanasi Municipal Corporation. Taking note of it the UP minister Neelkanth Tiwari recently held a meeting with the officials and asked to make it functional at the earliest.


(I) Rainfall (July 1 to July 12)


Varanasi: 256.4 mm

Ghazipur: 227.8 mm

Ballia: 400.8 mm

Mirzapur: 400.2 mm


(II) Rise in Ganga water level in last 24 hours:


Mirzapur: 1.37 meter

Varanasi: 0.70 meter

Ghazipur: 0.76 meter

Ballia: 1.13 meter


(III) Rise in Ganga water level from July 1 to July 12:


Mirzapur: 2.47 meter

Varanasi: 1.54 meter

Ghazipur: 1.19 meter

Ballia: 1.69 meter


(IV) Ganga flowing below danger mark:


Mirzapur: 11.87 meter

Varanasi: 11.60 meter

Ghazipur: 9.67 meter

Ballia: 6.49 meter


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