Lawyers protest Gram Nyayalay

Varanasi: On the call of UP Bar Council the local lawyers boycotted works on Friday in protest against the opening of proposed Gram Nyayalay (Village Court).

The lawyers led by Rajendra Misheard and Shivpujan Singh of Central Bar Association held a demonstration near the office of the district magistrate.
They also submitted a memorandum to the ACM IV demanding appointment of judges and other staff before opening of village courts.

Gram Nyayalayas Act, 2008 is an Act of Parliament of India enacted for establishment of Gram Nyayalayas or village courts for speedy and easy access to justice system in the rural areas of India. The Act came into force from 2 October 2009. However, the Act has not been enforced properly, with only 194 functional Gram Nyayalayas in the country (as of 10 March 2015) against a target of 5000 such courts. The major reasons behind the non-enforcement includes financial constraints, reluctance of lawyers, police and other government officials.

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