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Varanasi had a human settlement of Chalcolithic period, claim BHU archaeologists


Varanasi: Ancient remnants of Chalcolithic age or black and red ware culture (BRW) dated around 1500 BC were found at a village on the outskirts of millennia old city Varanasi.

In course of a field survey of historic ‘Panchkroshi’ route of Kashi for documentation under a UGC project, the researchers and archaeologists of the department of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology, Banaras Hindu University (BHU) came across with many sculptures belonging to that era like idols of deity, stone pillars and others at Babhaniyav village, situated about 13km from the city.

“There must be a 3500-year-old human settlement of stone sculptors at Babhaniyav village,” claimed the head of the department of AIHCA Prof Onkar Nath Singh adding that the survey team found several evidences including a pillar with inscription in Brahmi script and idols of deities of Kushan and post Gupta periods. For further investigation of the area, the BHU team sent a proposal to the Archaeological Survey of India for excavation, which was accepted.

Through a letter dated November 28, 2019, the ASI (Exploration & Excavation section) stated that the central government gave its approval for excavation on the recommendation of the Standing Committee of Central Advisory Board of Archaeology under Rule 25 of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Rules 1959. The approval is valid up to September 30, 2020, said Singh, who is also the project director. “The surface evidences belonging to BRW era suggest that it is contemporary to Harappan civilization,” said Prof AK Dubey, one of the faculties and team member.

Former additional director general of ASI BR Mani had also visited the site on the invitation of BHU team. It appears that the findings are at least 3500 years old, said Mani, who is the member of the standing committee that recommended for the approval of excavation.


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