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“School uniform mask” for school children

Developed by Neha Singh, a Vedic science student of BHU

Binay Singh

Varanasi: We have no idea that how long will this COVID-19 epidemic last. But after a couple of months, the school/college will open and it will be mandatory for the children to go to school or wear masks for several months for their safety.

That is why Neha Singh, a Vedic science student of Banaras Hindu University, has created a different type of mask by sitting in her house in Ballia. The mask is quite beneficial for the children going to school.

The advantage of this mask is that it will remain attached to its school uniform. There is no fear of falling it or being replaced by other children. It can also easily wash able along with the uniform when it gets dirt or dusty.

The idea of ​​making this mask came when there was a talk at home of sending her niece Aaradhya Singh to school who is currently studying in LKG, without wearing a mask. “Even if we provide a mask there are chances of misplacing or exchanging with others. So, I decided to develop a new idea of mask making which remains connected with the uniform so that there is no fear of missing it or replace with others and also be secure,” said Neha.

This mask has been made from the fabric and things available in the house. Once the market is open, it can be designed in a better way. Video and photo of the making of the mask have also been released so that people can make this mask for their children so that every child be safe and healthy.

Neha is already a two times world record holder and has recently created a wisdom sharing painting with spices powder and make up kits being in lockdown. She is currently pursuing her studies at Center for Vedic Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.



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