Indian-CheeniKam to replace Chinese-TikTok

Indian-CheeniKam to replace Chinese-TikTok

Varanasi: ‘CheeniKam’, a video streaming application developed by a group of former IITians (of IIT-BHU), is India’s answer to the banned Chinese video streaming app TikTok.

The group claimed that it is country’s first 60-second video streaming app. So far, the year 2020 has brought many unprecedented surprises and challenges our way. One of these has been the recent ban on Byte Dance’s video streaming application, TikTok.

Indian-CheeniKam to replace Chinese-TikTok
Indian-CheeniKam to replace Chinese-TikTok

However, Indian creators can now have a sigh of relief. In an unanticipated turn of events, these IITians have already launched the app. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat App’ challenge, and these alumni of IIT-BHU took it to heart and delivered something amazing, made in India – for the whole world. CheeniKam has already earned a spot on Google Play Store and is available for free download as well.

Indian-CheeniKam to replace Chinese-TikTok

During its rather short stint in the Indian sub-continent, TikTok garnered both positive and negative publicity in abundance. After its long due exit from the Indian social media scene, thousands of creators have been affected, especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. With TikTok being free to use application, not only did they have a revenue source by showcasing their talent, but it also paved a path for them to feel more confident and empowered about themselves.

Although many TikTok creators managed to garner millions of followers on other social media platforms as well, nothing gave them the freedom to create and edit their short videos as TikTok did.

Taking into account the need to cater to these audiences, CheeniKam was launched by five former IITians -Abhishek Paul, Atishay Jain, Karan Doshi, Veera Anudeep, and Jeet Parekh. They came forward from diverse backgrounds to launch one of a kind alternative to TikTok.

Indian-CheeniKam to replace Chinese-TikTok

To begin with, CheeniKam is a fun 60-second video streaming app for the Indian audience. CheeniKam supports videos of various lengths, ranging from 02-seconds to 60-seconds. Interestingly, TikTok creators were often seen complaining about the 15-seconds limitation on the duration of their videos.

According to the team members, CheeniKam has already garnered rave reviews from its initial set of users. With an easy to use interface, creators can build their community, gain followers and eventually earn sponsorship and money, making it a win-win situation for both CheeniKam creators and the developers.

Indian-CheeniKam to replace Chinese-TikTok

Taking into account some of the inadequacies that TikTok faced, CheeniKam’s foremost differentiator are its superior video editing features for creators, namely Augmented Reality, Beautification, and Creator Data Privacy and Protection. Furthermore, similar to its peer video sharing applications, CheeniKam also supports extensive editing options and offers a variety of songs, graphic effects, and other cool features to begin with!

CheeniKam is truly made in India by founders from domains like tech, product management and finance. The diverse skill set of all the members ensured that the best product with a far superior design and user interface was delivered quickly. We are excited to see how users will use the platform in the most optimal way possible,” said Karan Doshi, one of the co-founders.

Privacy and user experience is our utmost priority, and we can assure that users will have a great time on the platform too. People have shown a positive response to our social media sites and app feedback so far. The app truly resonates with the voice of the youth,” he added.

Shedding light upon the expansion plans and what a user can expect from CheeniKam, Abhishek Paul said, “We already have a good number of downloads and we are going viral. We also have a unique one click feature through which creators can upload all their videos that they lost access to on TikTok.



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