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Bacteriophage, the solution of Coronaviruses is the Genetic Property of the Gangajal at the Gomukh

Prof. UK Choudhary

Varanasi: Our Veda, Puran, Upnishad  etc. state that the Gangajal is Medicinal water. The Scientist say that the Gangajal has Bacteriophage, capable to destroy all pathogens. It means that the Bacteriophage is the solution of Coronavirus.

Let us think about the source of Bacteriophage. Why is it only with the Gangajal? If we consider three Himalayan rivers origin sources closely located at different heights say they are of the Ganga (Gomukh), Yamuna (Yamunotri) and that of the Sone river, we find the color of waters are different. As ‘face is the mirror of heart’ the whitish color of the Gangajal and Greenish color of Yamuna jal and Brownies color of Sone jal indicate that as the height of the Gomukh is the highest amongst the three the ground water bursting as Gomukhjal comes from lowest depth of Aquifer as compared to Yamunotri and Sone river- Water.

Thus, the water quality of river water is proportional to the height of the river origin. This substantiates that Bacteriophage is the function of location and rock and Aquifer depth-condition of ground water. This defines the Genetic character of the Gangajal at Gomukh. The balanced flow of this water in the entire length of the Ganga defines Medicinal jal, the Gangajal. The management of the Gangajal is the Technology.

The flow of Bacteriophage in the Ganga will lower down the spreading of the Corona through soil, water and air, and environment will be energized. Now, it is to think how this can be done under the present sets of boundary conditions of dams and barrages and to retain the Medicinal value of the Gangajal to fight with the Coronaviruses.


(The author is Ex. HOD, Civil Engineering Department and Founder of Ganga Research Centre, IIT-BHU, Founder Director Mahamana Malviya Institute of Technology for Ganga Management, Varanasi)



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