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Yogi govt brings ordinance for recovering damages to properties during violent protest


Lucknow: The UP cabinet led by the chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday approved the “UP Recovery of damage to public properties Ordinance-2020” for recovery of losses due to damage to government and private properties during violent processions.

After the cabinet meeting, the UP Minister Suresh Khanna told reporters that the cabinet approved the UP Recovery of damage to public properties Ordinance-2020 for recovery of losses of government and private properties during political processions and illegal agitations. As per the Supreme Court decision to constitute recovery tribunal to recover losses to government and private properties in political and illegal agitations in the country, the resolution to bring the ordinance has been passed. UP minister Sidharth Nath Singh said that presently recovery was done through government order (GO) but after the SC orders the ordinance was brought in.

The Supreme Court had on Thursday told the UP government that there is “no law” which backs its action of putting up posters on roadsides with details of those accused of vandalism during anti-CAA protests in Lucknow.

The apex court, while referring the appeal of the state government to a larger three-judge bench next week on the ground that it required “further elaboration and consideration”, put a poser saying whether the fundamental right to privacy of alleged protesters can be waived by the state by “castigating them for all times” to come.

The UP government has approached the apex court against the high court’s order. The high court had ordered the removal of hoardings put up in Lucknow featuring the names, pictures and addresses of anti-CAA protesters who were booked for the violent protest against the citizenship law. The high court had also directed the district magistrate and the Lucknow police commissioner to submit a compliance report on or before 16 March.

The posters were displayed to “name and shame” the accused who had allegedly caused damage to public property during the protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) in the state capital on 19 December last year.



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