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Tributes to a Maestro


Varanasi: The city while battling the COVID-19 seemingly forgot to remember and pay tributes to its illustrious son and legend borne 100 years back on April 7.

Thanks to Mr. Ashok Kapoor for reminding us through his Facebook message paying homage to the great son of the soil -Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shanker, who revolutionized Indian classical music through his mesmerizing Sitar and took it to all over the world.

Mr. Kapoor, who has been active in organizing cultural activities under the aegis of Kala Prakash, says, “Today not only his disciples but grand disciples and his worshippers are enjoying the fruit. We all pay Homage to him today April 7, 2020”.

Recalling the maestro, Mr. Kapoor says that Kala Prakash Varanasi was the first one to organise memorial concert on January 20 and 27, 2013 after 40 days of his demise. “I am grateful to all the artists who cooperated and offered their musical homage. Kala Prakash could manage to organise with great support from Pandit Vinod lele ji who was our guide and encouraged us to organise at that level. He not only accompanied four artists but also helped in requesting great artists. A grand jugalbandi was witnessed,” he writes.


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