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COVID-19 scores Ballia-76 Varanasi-43

COVID-19 scores Ballia-76 Varanasi-43

Ballia/Varanasi: Both Ballia and Varanasi districts are facing a tough battle against coronavirus. While Ballia recorded 76 cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, Varanasi witnessed 43 such cases. Besides, five infected persons died in Ballia and two in Varanasi.

According to Ballia chief medical officer, with 76 new cases of COVID-19, the tally rose to 563 in the district.  As many as five patients died in last 24 hours increasing the toll to eight. So far 319 persons have recovered, and presently the district has 239 active cases of COVID-19. Earlier on Tuesday, as many as 60 coronavirus infected persons were found in Ballia district, which witnessed over 250 cases of COVID-19 in just one week. However, there is a complete lockdown in the district till July 23.

COVID-19 scores Ballia-76 Varanasi-43

In Varanasi district, with 43 new cases of COVID-19 the tally rose to 979, and with the death of two persons the toll rose to 30. So far, 491 persons have recovered from illness, while there are 458 active case of COVID-19 in the district.


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