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Five new positive cases of COVID-19 found in Varanasi

A new hotspot of coronavirus emerged in Varanasi

Varanasi: One more hotspot of corona virus emerged in Varanasi after five new cases of COVID-19 came to light on Friday. Now, there would be five hotspots in the district.

So far 14 positive cases were found in the district. Five of them got cured while one person died. Currently eight persons are under treatment at the isolation ward of DDU district hospital.

According to the district magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma, five more persons including three attendees of Tablighi Jamaat have been tested positive for COVID-19. Among the three TJ attendees a 55-year-old person belongs to Madanpura locality, a 40-year-old person is the native of Hyderabad, and a 70-year-old person is the resident of Nakkhighat locality.

He said that as many as 27 TJ attendees including these three persons, who have been quarantined at the health department training centre in Shivpur area, were found negative in the fist test. But, in second test the three were found positive, and they were shifted to the isolation ward of the DDU district hospital. Other 24 TJ attendees have tested negative.

Besides them, two more persons of a family including a 19-year-old boy and a 21-year-old girl living in Pandey Haweli have also tested positive. Five women from Telangana who had attended Tablighi Jamaat had stayed here in their house for two days. After the contact tracing of TJ attendees, their samples were taken for testing. They have also been shifted to the isolation ward of DDU district hospital.

The DM said that except the Nakkhighat resident, the four new positive cases are related to Madanpura hotspot. Pandey Haweli is situated in the buffer zone of this hotspot. There are already two old positive cases in the Madanpura hotspot, and now the number of positive cases rose to six in this hotspot. Nakkhighat is being made a new hotspot with its buffer zone. Now there would be five hotspots and buffer zones in the district.


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